The use of modern Technology and the Internet, the school community can now provide its student better security and easy access with the use of RFID cards for hassle free school entry and exit.
ILV Trading has learned that the client's needs are the most important ingredient in providing satisfaction services to the people. In line with these, we have developed the STUDENT ACCESS SYSTEM WITH SMS ALERT.
We also provide added services like automatic text messaging to parents upon student's entry and exit in the school premises giving them the peace of mind that their child has reached the school safely.
Uses RFID Cards
Linked to Term/Semester’s enrollee Master List
Time In/Time Out is stored in our Database hassle-free log-in and log-out system
SMS to Parents/Guardian capability upon Entry and Exit Network Provider will automatically send personal text message to Parents or Guardian upon Entry and Exit on school premises
Text Blasting Capability. Faster information dissemination especially during times of natural calamities such as typhoons and bad weather. Can be used to inform parents and students regarding school bulletins, upcoming exams and events
Upon Entry/Exit, 40 inch LCD Monitor will flash the following: Picture of Student, Course/Year, Date and Time of Entry/Exit
Message from Registrar, Guidance, Accounting or other allowed Departments and Birthday Greeting
Block Access List
View Access Log Reports: Tardiness Report, Absences Report, Faculty and Employees Attendance Report


The new Student Gate Access System is a security and information system that uses RFID cards. Upon entry and exit of personnels and students, a text message is sent to the admin personnel and parents students informing them what time the students safely entered the school premises and what time the students exited the school campus after dismissal time. The system is also linked to the school year’s enrollee master list wherein the time in and time out is stored in its database for accurate and hassle-free attendance monitoring.
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